At GEPP Group, we pride our services on unwavering integrity and unbiased solutions. We are a dedicated team of seasoned project management professionals who rely solely on our knowledge base to make a difference in the electrical industry. Our services are focused on helping electrical contractors in the areas of Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Schedule Analysis, Project Controls, and CPM Scheduling. We strive to enhance your decision-making with analytical techniques, utilizing the Earned Value Management methodology, helping projects management and executives to better understand projects position enabling preventive action for cost allocation of scope and time. What makes our services unique is that we have an in-depth understanding of our clients’ obligations and an understanding of the continuous endeavor of profitability.



Electrical contractors receive project insight, data analysis, planning insight, and projections based on the needs of the project.

CPM Scheduling

CPM Scheduling to comply with contractual requirements whether you're a Subcontractor or a Prime Contractor.

Project Controls

Through The GEPP Group's "CAST" methodology and framework, our clients better understand a projects performance and potential success.

Risk Management

Cost and Schedule Risk Management Through Project Risk Analysis, Assessment, and Mitigation.

Portfolio Management

Providing Electrical Contractors with portfolio insight to increase proactive data-driven decision-making, based on collective project performance monitored within Project Controls.

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